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Written by Simon Gagne | 30 April 2014

Win. Just fucking win.  


Let's go Flyers.

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Written by Dan McGillis | 29 April 2014


So tonight is game 6 in a very tepid Flyers-Rangers playoff series. Without a very genuine effort, the Flyers will be eliminated from the playoffs by their rivals.  Not much else to say about tonight.  Scott Hartnell has to find a way to contribute and the Flyers as a whole must capitalize on their power plays for them to have a chance to force Game 7.  

 Enough about the present.  Let's talk about the past, shall we? Ahh, to think on hockey's past, days when young men could play their beloved sport without the interference of big media, corporate sponsorships and a connected fan base.  There are many a great articles within Sports Illustrated's 'SI Vault' for you to relive Flyers past. Its good with your morning coffee and often times can help awake many dormant memories of ex-Flyers from days long ago.  May we point you to an article from February 14, 1983. "The Doggone Bruins May Go All the Way", by Jack Falla it describes the plucky Bruins in their quest to secure Lord Stanley's Cup of that year.  Led by the likes of Ray Bourque, Mike Milbury, Craig MacTavish (!) and ex-Flyers goalie Pete Peeters, this team of mostly nobodys got all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals before the Islanders took care of them. The Isles would go on to win their fourth consecutive Stanley Cup that year.  The article goes into great detail about how the Bruins came about acquiring then Flyers goalie Pete Peeters (straight up trade for Brad McCrimmon).  At the time, Peeters was an excellent goalie and McCrimmon a very dependable defenseman.  At the time, then Bruins coach Gerry Cheevers called the trade "an out-and-out steal".  Peeters had recently rattled off a 29 game unbeaten streak, only three off the all time mark for a goalie.  Peeters was an All -Star and looked to have a very bright future in front of him.  So why would Philadelphia trade away such a talented goalie?  A normal person would tell you that Philly had Pelle Lindbergh waiting in the wings, poised to become the best Flyers goalie since Bernie Parent. We'll tell you something different.  From the article, was this the real reason Peeters was traded?



Toward the end of last season in Philadelphia, the Flyers attended that city's hockey writers' annual dinner and roast at a time when Peeters was brooding over what appeared to be a delayed sophomore slump (his goals-against average would end up a disappointing 3.71). A writer playing the role of Peeters appeared on stage with a red goal-judge's light in his mouth. The next day, when the writer came into the Flyers' dressing room, Peeters and two teammates stripped him, dragged him into the shower and inserted a red bulb in such a way as to give him a taillight. The writer dropped plans to file charges when Peeters, cooling off, apologized. The only thing Peeters will say now about the incident is, "Coming on top of my bad year, I knew Yd be traded."


Now a few questions come to my head.  First, which Flyers writer was the victim of this "tailighting"? Does this writier still work in the Hockey world?  Which two Flyers helped Peeters wrestle, strip and insert a lightbulb into a butt?  Goalies are a weird bunch, so if this a three man gang up, could it have been the work of Peeters, Pelle Lindbergh and Rick St. Croix? How is this not a part of Flyers folklore?  Did the Flyers win the next game and if so, did this act become a superstitious pregame ritual? Do current Flyers players play full games with lightbulbs up their butts? Does getting 'taillighting' hurt? Can you imagine the outrage if this ever came to light with a current NHL team?  

 Personally, I think it very impressive that the beat writer accepted the apology, knowing full well the entire locker room must have been privy to what happened in that shower.  I also hope that Peeters put the lightbulb into the butt screw cap first…

 We'll probably never know which two teammates helped Peeters stick a lightbulb up someone's butt, but goddamit, we can dream can't we?  That 82-83 Flyers team had some of the club's biggest stars on it: Clarke, Marsh, Jimmy Watson, Paul Holmgren, Bill Barber and Tim Kerr.  I'll allow you to speculate on the tail lighting on your own time.  

 Hockey sure was different not too long ago. Maybe Scotty Hartnell needs to show up today with a big old 120W Bright White shoved up his keister to help the current club stay loose.  Or maybe he's just into that sort of thing? Either way, I smell a new marketing strategy if and when the Flyers make it to Round 2 of the playoffs.

 There are two morals of the story is: don't make fun of goalies, ever. And check the SI Vault because there are some untapped beauties waiting to be rediscovered.

 Let's Go Flyers.


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Written by The Big E | 27 April 2014

A pivotal game 5 awaits this afteroon at Madison Square Garden.  A very tight series to date will be experiencing more of the same in what is now a best of three. Here are some official, never before seen keys to the game.  


1.  Both the Rangers and Flyers have had successes in this series when they control the neutral zone.  Whatever team can move the puck easier will have the ice tilted in their favor.

2. The Rangers are very terrible

3. The Flyers seem to be living-or-dying with their special teams.  If they can keep nullifying New Yorks Powerplays, the already anxious New York crowd will turn on the Rangers quickly.

4. The Flyers need, NEED to capitialize on their powerplays.  They are a special teams team.  This is a must-have for them to win 2 of the next 3.

5. Hal Gill.  Holy shit Hal Gill is playing.

6. Hal Gill CAN be effective today.  We need him to replicate Nik Grossman: shot blocking, clearing the porch and bringing a big physicality to the blueline.  I think the Flyers have plenty of speed and finesse without Gustafsson.  I could be TERRIBLY wrong.  I hope I'm not.

7. Braydon Coburn is having a heck of a series.  He is neutrilizing Rick Nash while being a very stable part of the Flyers D.  Both Coburn and Striet have carried this defense and the Flyers need more of the same. 


9. Coffee is very good, you should try it, it makes bolging way better.

10. Today is not a "must-win" and I hope that doesn't effect the Flyers mentality.  We have seen a resiliant bunch this season, however we've also seen a team that can become disinterested easily. 

11.  The Rangers get last change again.  This was very problematic in all of Game 1 and some of Game 2.  Giroux will be shadowed by McDonagh all day so it'll be tough going for the Captain again.  If he can't contribute with points, we'll need him to dominate in faceoffs and establishing a proper forecheck.

12. Scott Hartnell, you won't find a bigger fan of yours than the team at FGSB, but you need to be moved off of the 1st line for someone more dangerous.  I nominate Jason Akeson or...well there isn't really anyone else.  Can't break up Coots/Read.  Schenn/Simmer/Vinny doens't make much sense either on the top line.  


The Flyers can win at MSG, we've seen that.  If they execute as well as they did in Game 4, we could be seeing the Flyers eliminate New York in their own barn.  Let's Go Flyers.

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Written by Johnny Vermont | 25 April 2014

Editor's Note:  Yes, we agreed to bring the blog back for the playoffs.  Yes this is only the second blog post and we're already at Game 4.  Well Game 2 was a weekend game and who blogs on the weekend?  Then the Flyers won and I got all superstitious.  I didn't shave, didn't wash my Giroux shirshey, only ate chips and guacamole for 3 straight days....plus I didn't blog before game 2!  It was a sign!  A glorious "okay-to-have-ass-it" sign from above that the Flyers can win without a very witty and very hasitly written blog post from FGSB.  Well Game 3 was a turd wrapped in a tortilla made of crushed up turds and then baked in an oven until it turned a golden turd brown then sprinkled with shredded turd and served with a tall iced cold turd soft drink.  It was bad.  I knew I had to make a change.  I had to WRITE!  To write the most EPIC, and NOTEWORTHY blog post to whipp all of you heathens into a frenzy before tonight's game.  



If you are still with me, you know this is the only way this post would end.  Get shots through to Hank.  Win the board battles and send these blue shirt wearing dorks back to their shitty hellhole.  



Claude Giroux will deliver it to ya tonight. Don't get it twisted.Let's Go Flyers. 

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Written by Brian Boucher | 17 April 2014


Tonight the Flyers embark on a quest to win their third Stanley Cup.  Their first task in accomplishing that goal is to beat their long time rival the New York Rangers.  The Blueshirts are a very hard team to draw in the Quarters and this matchup does not particuarly bode well for the Flyers.  New York has the advantage in Goal and on the Blueline, however the ice tilts in Philly's favor on the offensive side. In order for Philly to overcome New York they need to be a disciplined, patient team. That…that usually doesn't happen. 

New York is a very quality hockey team.  They are capable of going on a deep run in this new playoff format, and are one of the only Eastern Conference teams that matches up well with the Boston Bruins. They have a defensive core that all Flyers fans should be jealous of.  They have excellent wingers but not great centers.  Rick Nash is an explosive forward who can change the game with his bullheaded rushes and silky hands.  The Rangers have a lot of good things, things all Stanley Cup contenders need. They are missing one thing. They do not have the best player on the ice in this series.  Not by a long shot.

This series can be summed up nicely: It begins with Giroux. It will end with Giroux.

Those are Philly's chances in this series.  As X goes, so goes Philly's offense. He is the main force on special teams and at even strength.  The Flyers may need him to steal home ice away with some late game magic.  He is certainly capable of doing so.  We saw Giroux carry a similar team against he Penguins in 2011.  We saw Giroux take a  1-7 hockey team and turn them into a playoff dark horse.  We saw Giroux become a top 3 scorer in the league after starting the season what felt like 100 games without a point.  This series is a collection of conundrums for the Flyers. To be opportunistic but don't try to force "it".  To be careful but not passive. To be aggressive but not take penalties. How Berube arranges his chess pieces and his game by game strategy are a huge item to watch.  Via, Frank Seravalli, Berube has already stated that they Flyers will attack NYR defenseman Ryan McDonagh in a peculiar way. We can only wait and see what other type of tactics the Chief has cooked up for this series.  I worry about not about the tactic of trying to neutralize the Rangers best defenseman like this, I worry about staying committed to the tactic.  If the Rangers score early does this type of strategy get abandoned prematurely?

This will be a Patrick Division battle.  I fully expect this series to go 6 or 7 games . If the Flyers can capitalize on special teams and keep their system simple, they will take a huge Penn Station homeless man on the 2 train dump on the Rangers. If the Rangers frustrate the Flyers with stellar goaltending and a tight counter attack, then the Rangers will take a huge Penn Station homeless man on the C train dump on the Flyers. 

It''ll be Claude Giroux and the Flyers moving on after this battle is over.  I have no doubt.  Let's turn this bolg R-rated for a real quick second and give the Rangers a massive Sbarro-loving, MTA riding, booger eating tax riding, no good music venue in the city anymore having, too many Starbucks and wheres the local coffee needing, gentrification all over the place for rich europeans to invest in needing, all the girls never talk to me at bars they are dummies, big dumb overrated city with a terrible hockey team. Fuck the Rangers.

Feels good to be back baby. Let's Go Flyers. 


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Written by Ryan | 07 November 2011


This is a straight up cut and paste job, except that I had to retype this whole thing because it was written back in the day when books were printed on paper. What's up with that?

I've been reading this excellent book about the 1980-81 Oilers for the past couple years (slow reader) and recently came across a great section that made me actually LOL. I can't believe things were exactly the same THIRTY years ago, and the hockey news industry as continued to chug along like there's no other way to handle the situation.

From Peter Gzowski's The Game of Our Lives:

"With broadcasters and the press, Fuhr showed a still more remarkable facet of his personality. He would answer question as if he had never learned the language of "the interview" - the ritual by which hockey players would phrase wordy and predictable answers to wordy and predictable questions. Fuhr answered what was asked of him, no less but certainly no more. Asked if he found NHL play much tougher than Junior A, he would not say, as the ceremony demanded, "Well they're faster here and they shoot harder and I'm playing against guys I used to read about and dreamed of playing against, but I just try to do my job one game at a time; and if I hang in there I think…" Instead he answered "No." Had it surprised him when Sather had shown so much faith in him? "No, not really." Well, did he like playing on the same team as Gretzky and the other young stars? "Sure" he would say and look quizzically at his interrogator, as if the question had not been serious. There was no arrogance in these exchanges; Fuhr simply talked the way he played goal - coolly and giving up no easy rebounds."

For some reason I had always assumed that guys were more open to journalists 30 years ago. Smoking cigarettes with them on the tarmac, sharing stories in front of them over a few too many rye at the hotel bar.

It seems, however, that reports have been asking the same questions forever. Questions whose responses I'm sure they could write without even having to go through the formality of the interview.

What a silly, wasteful little dance.

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Written by Ryan | 06 November 2011

During last night's very fulfilling 400-2 win over the Blue Jackets, Wayne Simmonds stood up for his younger teammates so that Derek Dorsett could move onto ruining shutouts, getting stitched up, and other more worthwhile pursuits.

Simmonds' acumen in deciding when to fight and then his skill during those fights has really surprised me this season. I knew he would shed the mittens from time to time, but I didn't know he'd be any good at it. His 3 years in LA were marked with draws against the likes of Andrew Alberts, Colin Fraser, and Mike Brown, as well as short, not terribly exciting wins against big-time brawlers like Max Pacioretty, Jeff Woywitka, and Mark Fistric.

But this season Simmonds has taken on some fairly tough customers in David Clarkson, Barrett Jackman, and last night, Derek Dorsett.

Dorsett, by far the most experienced pugilist that Simmonds has fought in his pro career, had already been sent off for trying to start something with James van Riemsdyk. I suppose Simmonds got the impression that Dorsett wouldn't stop until he was able to demonstrate his dedication to his teammates and future coaching staff. So Simmonds obliged. And busted up Dorsett's face.

There were two fights after this one, but Dorsett was the big threat. The guy who was going to start trouble if real trouble was going to be started. And Simmonds stepped in for the preemptive strike. And scored a big win.

Here's hoping Simmonds' continues to step in when needed, providing the kind of team toughness that allows the Flyers to ice the most skilled lineup possible, night in night out.

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Written by Ryan | 05 November 2011

If you're not trolling Reddit, or haven't stumbled upon these quickmemes before, you got a lot of laughin' to do. Our favorite, by far, is the Socially Awkward Penguin. Annoying Facebook Girl is up there too.

If you want to make some of your own mail 'em over to flyersgoalscoredby@gmail.com and we'll post them up here. As long as they're not worse than ours, which suck pretty low.

Success Kid:



Redneck Randal:


Socially Awkward Penguin:


Courage Wolf:


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Written by Fran | 05 November 2011

Remember remember the fifth of November

Jeff Carter's high and wide shot

I see no reason why Jeff Carter's treason

Should ever be forgot…


Let's Go Flyers.


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Written by Ryan | 05 November 2011

Daniel Carcillo hasn't had the fasted start in his new, sweet home, Chicago. After 8 games all he had to show in his stat line were two assists and two penalty miinutes. That's right, in his new home Daniel Carcillo has failed to drop the gloves. Or earn a misconduct. Surprising.

Last night he took a step in the right direction, with one of those goals that leaves people wondering if he actually does have some amount of skill that, if he just concentrated on, could lead him to the 20 goal mark some day. For any of you Blackhawk fans who might be reading this, he doesn't. But he will score 2 or 3 nifty goals during his tenure there.

Here's his first as a Blackhawk from last night's game against the Lightning:

When you score an NHL goal, and even the coaches are laughing, you're going places, baby.

Like to many other teams in the summers of the future. 

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