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Happiness is a warm gun....to your head. | December


Contrary to what you may think.  That is not photoshopped.  That is how close the Flyers came to stealing back a victory from the Sharks tonight.  Blowing a 3 goal lead in the third period, Mike Richards wristed one that bounced off Briere and almost made it in
before the end of the overtime period.  The rest they say, is history.  The Sharks beat Bob convincingly in the shootout to end an entertaining, albiet frustrating night.

The game reminded me of a heavyweight fight. both teams measuring up their opponents early on, to exploit weaknesses later on in the match.  The Sharks got the greasiest one of the season with about 4 seconds left In the 1st period, when Niclas Wallin fired a shot about 5
feet wide of the net, hoping to get a deflection.  Lucky for the Sharks, he found Ryan Clowe's ugly butt and slid one past Bob.  The second period saw the Flyers on the counter attack, dominating most of the period while beating Nitty three times. Claude Giroux got it
started and with his second period goal, now has 100 points in his career.  The ghost of Jeff Carter, returning to the Centre position tonight, also registered his 300th career point on X's goal.  That was the only time I noticed Jeff Carter tonight.  Big Ville Leino
and Nic Zherdev finished off the scoring in the third, and by the end of the period, we were all thinking of the best shark related pun that would grace the cover of The Daily News in the morning. 

Birddog got the 4th Flyer goal with 14 minutes remaining in the 3rd.  But then the wheels fell off.  I don't know if it was a lack of concentration, or effot, but a talented, deep team like the Sharks never stopped battling, and chipped away for three goals in a 4 minute
span.  Faceoff wins in the offensive zone directly led to 2 goals.  Bad clearing led to another.  Faceoff wins have been a sore spot for this Flyers team for the past few games, and this was the first to really bite them in the ass.  This ain't the Devils or Islanders, yo. 

So the night ended with a shit stick up our asses, but the game WAS entertaining.  A professional team should not lose a game when they're up by 3 goals in the third.  That's not on one player or play, but the entire team and coaching staff.  Maybe they should suicide sprint their way to T-Dot tonight especially those buffons who refuse to stop taking stick infractions.

But hey, thats the best part of this crazy game we all love, right?  There's always another day, another dollar.  This awful feeling is gone tomorrow, and the Orange & Black get to take out their anger on the lowly Maple Leafs. Let's just hope that a lose like this doesn't linger.


Stick tap to Matt P. from The 700 Level for the pic.