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Flyers vs. Caps Rookies: Commercial | February
So in 13 days the Flyers are going to take the ice and play another NHL team. Granted, the casual fan won't know many of the players on the ice for the Flyers, and even the most obsessed fan won't know much about the opposition, but it's hockey. And thank G-O-D for that. I can't imagine how long this hot, hot summer's been for fans that didn't have games well into June. That's not even a shot at anyone, that's just me truthin'.

Anyway, on the 16th the Flyers Rookies take on the Capitals rookies. This is something that they should try to throw on the NHL Network like they do the rookie tournament out in the Midwest. It's one of the only games where actually watching the game is more important than the outcome, so DVR's all over the Delaware Valley would be popping off at 3PM two Thursdays from now. As it stands, you're probably just going to have to try and sneak it in at work, in constant fear that your boss is going to catch you flagrantly not doing anything instead of not doing anything in your own private way.

Here's a little commercial the Flyers didn't ask us to put together for the event. Baby fight!!