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OFFSides 2010: The Journey | November

(Sorry about the autoplay, we're worse than GDPhilly.com.Fran, do you know how to turn that off?)

When I sit down to write, whether it be a Nobel Prize winning post or a love letter to the Phillie Phantatic, I always picture my audience. Generally speaking.And this morning I can picture them a bit more clearly than ever before. Unfortunately for certain readers, the curtain has been pulled aside to reveal a goofy looking, spiked-haired jerk face, and they can now picture me too.


They say that there were 19,613 people at OFFSides 2010, but the $4 Bud Lights made it appear as if there were 3 timesas many. Everyone was incredibly nice, to no one's surprise. Standing there talking to people you had tweeted or exchanged D shots with was…funny. It was a little awe-inspiring to see that these screen names had arms, and legs, and lives.

I threw together this little slides show because I'm in middle school and I think slide shows are cool. Going to a home game has always been a big deal for us because it happens 1 to 2 times a year if that, asour careers have dragged us to New York. So while we didn't come as far as @mtrible, it was still a journey of sorts. And what a game to come down for.

(all images from warm-ups were provided by the talented and very nice @ladyneat, who dismissed herself from OFFSides right beforethe crab walk racesto go get her photo on.)

If we make down again thisseason it will probably be for theplayoffs. We'll have to get our own suite for that one. That way even if people get offended by our Chris Rock meets Carrot Top humor we'll be able to slink back into the safety of the chicken finger bar.

It was great meeting all of you.