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Flyers and Bruins Set for Head-on Collision | April

In the end, it had to be Boston.

If we're going to do this we're going to do it right. No trying to skirt around the ailing Penguins or the virgin Lightning. It needs to be a head-on collision against the Bruins and then when we can't run another mile we have to take down the Eastern Conference's top seed.

We have to do that or not at all. It's the difference between being Stanley Cup Champions and WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS.


The Bruins have wanted this for a year. The Capitals for three. If we can beat them again I don't care who comes out of the West, they're going to get facebroke. If we can't, then we didn't deserve it. But that Flyers team I saw in the first two periods on Tuesday? That team was something no one wants a piece of, whether they have revenge on their minds or not. That was a fucking Cheez Whiz avalanche.

And about this goalie shit. Everyone STFU, lolollllz, omg.

You know how many great goalies don't win the Cup each year? About 58. You know how many elite goalies don't win the Cup each year? 8, 6, 4, whatever. The point is that incredible goalies, the best goalies, lose. How many great saves can you make in a game? Not as many as shots that will be taken.

You have free will, reader! Stop repeating what they say between periods and the recycled thoughts on the recycled paper. Who is the best goalie of all time? Tretiak? Dryden? Brodeur? Esposito? Parent? Plante? Sawchuk? Roy?

Which one of them didn't lose a big game, a big series?

They can be as great as they want. You get to them enough, they're going to get scored on. Simple as that.