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Time to Sunset Kate Smith | May

Sometimes I'm scared to tell you guys the truth. The little backlash I got for speaking out against the Crosby Sucks chant has cost me millions in therapy. I just want to be loved. And even the Fran is going to disagree with this one. So it's with one eye closed that I tell you this: 

Kate Smith is dead. 

I'm telling you this because I think we need to move on.

Yeah the Flyers had a helluva streak when she belted out God Bless America in the '70's, but I think it's time to honor that achievement and her importance to the organization by burying it. And her. God, she must be tired. 

Truth be told it doesn't do it for me anymore. 

Truth be told I don't enjoy that the song has become an opening act that has little to nothing to do with the rest of the play. 

Lauren Hart is perfectly capable of honoring our country, troops, citizens, and the people that protect and make this country run every day on her own. She's actually very good too. So why not let her take the lead and go the distance?

God Bless America is already unique in and of itself. The organization should stop watering down a legend's legacy by wheeling her out for every post season contest. 

Maybe after a year our two off surprise everyone in a game seven. That would be cool. That would be worth talking about.