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Asian Markets Open on Winter Classic Resale Tickets | November


Not really, but some...less entrepreneurial we'll say...ticket holders have already gone and put their Winter Classic tickets on sites such as StubHub, eBay, and TiqIQ THE BEST TICKET RESALE VENDOR IN THE 8 PLANETS.

Perhaps these people are looking to get their cash before there's a possible backlash against outrageous pricing? Maybe looking to make some loot before the 99% take over?

Difficult to say. But what I can say is that the bar has been set at "fairly affordable" for the alumni game and "out of my price range" for the actual Winter Classic.

Alumni Game - currently $44 through $230
Winter Classic - currently $500 through $1,395

Jimmeny Cricket!

I guess you have a certain obligation to take care of season ticket holders (that obligation being to make more people buy season tickets by offering the WC as bait), but something just doesn't seem right about having the basement for an afternoon hockey game the day after New Year's, with everyone having to go back to work on Tuesday, start at $500 for seats that are basically in the Phanatic's dressing room (for the record we would pay $5,000 to watch the Phanatic get dressed if that was being offered).

Excitement surrounding Eric Lindros' return, timing, and price are all reasons why the Alumni Game on New Year's Eve is looking like a much more attractive alternative for an older gentleman like myself (30). A 4PM game on NYE is just about the best thing ever. Get all Flyered up at 4 and then pull a James Bond into a tux to take your lady out to some $150 all you can drink party with folding tables hidden by exotic table cloths. Win win.