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Dan Carcillo Nets First as a Blackhawk | November

Daniel Carcillo hasn't had the fasted start in his new, sweet home, Chicago. After 8 games all he had to show in his stat line were two assists and two penalty miinutes. That's right, in his new home Daniel Carcillo has failed to drop the gloves. Or earn a misconduct. Surprising.

Last night he took a step in the right direction, with one of those goals that leaves people wondering if he actually does have some amount of skill that, if he just concentrated on, could lead him to the 20 goal mark some day. For any of you Blackhawk fans who might be reading this, he doesn't. But he will score 2 or 3 nifty goals during his tenure there.

Here's his first as a Blackhawk from last night's game against the Lightning:

When you score an NHL goal, and even the coaches are laughing, you're going places, baby.

Like to many other teams in the summers of the future.