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Yablonski Drops 'Bows in the KHL | November

For those of you who don't know, straight up thuggery on ice has moved from 1970's North America to the KHL. It was a seamless transition and the change management process has been progressing smoothly. There were the line brawls, the goalie fights, the "fights" with maniacal laughing.

But until earlier this week it seemed that most of the Canadian tough guys who had ventured to the KHL for money, vodka, and mail-order brides (local postage) were mainly targeting Europeans and Russians with their ridiculous antics. That's not longer the case, as Thursday night saw notorious AHL enforcer Jeremy Yablonski take on journeyman Darcy Verot - and litteraly drop 'bows on him.

This was these warriors' second tilt of the game, and according to Russian websites, "Если вы перевели это, вы, вероятно, также перематывается кредиты производствана это всегда солнечно. Вы должны перестать делать такого рода вещи."

Like the Wild Wild East over there. Is Will Smiff gonna have to get involved?